Google Wallet’s not just for credit cards; here’s what it might hold in the future


Looking more like Apple’s Passport App coming with iOS 6. Makes sense for Apple to include Mobile Payments capability.

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

Google Wallet

Your wallet holds a lot more than just the “fun” plastic that lets you buy stuff. It also holds IDs, public transportation passes, concert tickets — and Google Wallet may soon hold all the same things.

In a Q&A session on YouTube last night, Wallet product lead Robin Dua told viewers that payments are the the most obvious first step for Wallet, and Google hopes to bring a wide range of identification, travel, event, and other credentials into users’ virtual, cloud-based pockets.

Dua specifically said:

“We want to create a wallet that actually allows you to leave your leather wallet at home. We’ve started with payment cards, loyalty cars, and gift cards, and we’re focused on getting other kinds of credentials into the wallet. … Transit is a really important use case. People ride transit systems multiple times a day, and there’s a great opportunity here to simplify the payment…

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