About Vaughn Clair

Vaughn has been involved in Retail and Retail Technology for over 30 years.  This has included working for NCR (South Africa) and Fujitsu (Australia) as well as co-founding and running an internationally successful retail software / Point Of Sale company in Australia (Retail Directions).

Vaughn has also worked for Coles Myer implementing new Point Of Sale systems and has consulted to a number of large and medium sized retailers in Australia on various projects involving Point of Sale, payment systems, PCI-DSS Compliance and Retail Merchandise Management systems.

Vaughn was the CTO at Black Label Solutions / Surefire Systems based in Melbourne, where he was involved in building the latest cloud based, integrated Mobile Point of Sale and Mobile Payments solutions for retailers.

As well as being Retail industry director at Fujitsu, Vaughn also headed Fujitsu’s retail consulting practice, providing consulting services to some of Australia’s largest retail chains.

Vaughn is currently consulting to various retailers on new payments technology, enabling mobile wallets such as WeChat and AliPay, and Data Warehouse, retail Business Intelligence and reporting projects.

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