Who are (some of) the players in mobile payments?

Good breakdown of some of the major players (USA) in Mobile Payments.

Smartphone Mobile Payments

Having spent some time researching different players in the mobile payments space, I have come up with a list focused primarily on Europe and the U.S.

The list is sorted alphabetically by the brand name (followed by an organization, if applicable) and may include companies, exchanges, associations and resellers. Its purpose, and that of the accompanying Venn diagram, is to have a visual representation of the mobile payment players and their direct/indirect competitors.

How did they get where they are? Did they grow organically or by acquisition or merger? I have included as much information as I have about each organization.

Note: this list was last updated on Sept. 1, 2012

1. Aisle Buyer (acquired by Intuit 04/2012)
2. Boku (via an acquisition of Paymo and Mobillcash)
3. Cimbal
4. Dwolla
5. FaceCash
6. Google Wallet (includes acquisitions of Zetawire, TxVia)
7. GoPago
8. GoPayment (Intuit)
9. InnerFence
10. ISIS…

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