‘Europe’s Square’ iZettle Exits Beta In Nordics And Finds Workaround For Visa Acceptance

iZettle Visa workaround for Europe is still very clunky…


iZettle — often called the “Square of Europe” for being an early mover in its dongle-based mobile payment service for small merchants — is definitely getting down to business now. Today, the Swedish-based startup announced that it has finally exited its beta phase across the rest of its Nordic footprint of Denmark, Finland and Norway, including a launch of its Android service, and it has come up with a workaround to accept Visa payments in those markets once again, after a hiccup over payment security saw Visa withdraw acceptance over iZettle’s chip-based readers.

That means iZettle’s card readers are now available for anyone to use with and iOS or Android device — priced at €24 but free when users redeem a voucher to use the service — and users can accept any card over iZettle’s payment network — as long as users don’t mind bypassing the card reader to do…

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