Australia gets to pay a huge premium again for the iPhone 5

So much for an ACCC and Senator Stephen Conroy’s Parliamentary Enquiry in Australia about technology companies differential pricing.  Apple has done it again – blatant price gouging.

We may get to buy the iPhone 5 earlier than anyone else on September 21st, but we will all have to pay more. Over $150 more to be exact – even based on a generous AU$1.00 = US$1.00 exchange rates.  Apple has released unlocked iPhone 5 pricing in the US which start at US$649 for 16GB (selling for AU$799 in Australia), US$749 for 32GB (AU$899) and US$849 for the 64GB model (AU$999).

So, if you have a friend or contact in the US, get them to buy you one there and ship it here and give the Australian Apple store a miss – you will save yourself over $100 after shipping (and paying GST, if you had to).

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