The cloud backlash could be deep


The easy answer is rarely the right answer, which is a hard truth about life in general. In this case, I think it applies to the cloud marketplace. I’m concerned that we are overselling a very good set of solutions (which I will loosely define as “Cloud” options) as some sort of magic pill that will solve their business and IT woes.

Customers have come to understand the potential of having an agile IT environment, but by and large most of them don’t fully understand what that means for their current IT model or organization and legacy environments. I fear that we are heading to a point in the next 12 months where we will see a strong customer backlash in the form of brake lights or return to sender notes.

If your solution can stand the light of day, then you shouldn’t have any trouble helping your potential customers…

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Business process API-ification: The LEGO promise fulfilled

The way of the future


My previous post on the API-ification of software focused on the ecosystem of infrastructure-level APIs. Today, I want to discuss companies providing APIs that operate at the business process or application layer, which brings a whole new level of productivity and revenue potential to businesses.

Amazon(s amzn) has clearly been leading the way in API-fication by providing a broad range of fundamental software services packaged as APIs. From the basic EC2 compute and S3 storage capabilities, they have expanded to now offer more than 30 services across infrastructure categories of compute, storage, networking, database, deployment/management and messaging. All of these components are incredibly valuable and important, but an application developer still has to construct higher level business processes from these fundamental building blocks. In addition, they have launched the AWS Marketplace, which is a catalog of hundreds of software packages that cover everything from application development to traditional business software…

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